Benefits of joining

As a member of the Association you are contributing to the future of justice for children.

By joining the Association your views and concerns, in relation to the representation of children within the legal system, can inform our aims. Benefits include:

The Association has an outstanding reputation and is consulted on a regular basis. Our past successes include:

1. Organising annual conferences that bring together practitioners for discussion and debate.

2. Responding to consultation documents issued by Governmental bodies and non-Governmental organisations.

3. Developing a network of lawyers across the country to share knowledge and practice.

4. Building a high profile on policy and practice issues and influential representation for lawyers for children on Governmental and legal bodies.

5. Providing a source of relevant information and literature to members of the Association.

6. Lobbying against introduction of standard fees, and any reduction of standards of representation for children.

7. Lobbying in favour of the recognition of Law Society Children Panel solicitors as a defined group within the profession.