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PRESS RELEASE: ALC welcome inquiry into the death of Baby P

The Association of Lawyers for Children welcomed the announcement of the inquiry into the death of Baby P following the conviction of three people implicated in his death.

“This case demonstrates once again the level of difficulty facing professionals who have to make decisions concerning the welfare of children” said Barbara Hopkin, ALC Press Officer, today, “After assertions that social workers take too many children away from their parents this case shows the other side of the picture, and with the benefit of hindsight it seems inexplicable that this child was left in a household where doctors had concluded that injuries had been inflicted on him on more than one occasion. The ALC works to promote the rights and interests of children within the legal system and we are concerned that now the fees for taking care proceedings have been increased from £150 to £4000 local authorities may be even more reluctant to take court action - with the inevitable implication that more vulnerable children will be put at risk.”

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