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Legal Aid - Phase 2 fees come into effect on 9 May 2011

We are not able, to provide meaningful training or tips, but as a minimum practitioners will want to:

• Ensure they carry around with them a stock of Forms EX506, 1 for each case in court;

• Avoid attending court before the time you are told to, on the face of the order – you will not be paid!

• Ensure each order addresses the appropriate time to be at court for discussion next time, as well as the intended hearing start time (and probably that it provides a fallback for all future hearings, to take account of interim applications etc);

• Educate your tribunal, explaining why, although you are happy to go away and draft an order, you either need formally to come back into court so that the hearing “concludes” once you have completed drafting, or have the court’s agreement that the time at which drafting is completed will be the time that is signed off as the end of the hearing by the court. (The Ministry of Justice declined to clarify Schedule 4, paragraphs 23 to 24 of the Community Legal Service (Funding) (Amendment) Order 2011 to deal with what constitutes the end as well as the beginning of a hearing, so it is important to ensure that the correct time is put on the EX506).