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Mrs Justice Theis & Lady Justice King on behalf of the President

We hope that this short message will be read by every person involved in the Family Justice system and Court of Protection in England and Wales.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this year more than any other has been extraordinary. Even in these unprecedented times each one of you has played your part to keep our heavily burdened system functioning.  Through your hard work, you have continued to deliver justice for the benefit of children and their families during the past 12 months, most particularly during the COVID crisis. We know that for many this has not been at all easy at times, and that the pressure from the unremitting volume of work and indeed the way in which we have had to work, is not to be under-estimated. Knowing that this is so, redoubles our appreciation for all that you do.

The President continues his recovery, and we look forward to his return in the Autumn. We know that he would want to thank you all for everything that you have done and to wish you all a very enjoyable and restful break.

Mrs Justice Theis & Lady Justice King