Interdisciplinary Alliance for Children

The Alliance is a socio-legal enterprise which has brought together some 18-22 key organisations concerned with the rights and welfare of children and families.

It has been instrumental in bringing together policy people across a range of organisations to identify common ground on which to address policy initiatives (e.g. Part 2 of the CSF Bill, The Family Justice Review, House of Commons Justice Committee Enquiry into the Operation of Family Courts, LASPO Bill) providing written and oral evidence.

The work of the Alliance has been extensive. A key part of its work over the last 12 months has been on S.41 of the Children Act 1989, and the LASPO Bill. In the former case, defending the independence of both individual guardians in decision making in cases but also that of CAFCASS as an organisation - as a key principle underscoring the duty and ability of CAFCASS to hold local authorities to account for their work with vulnerable families, and thus retaining public support for the tandem model. And in the latter case, producing three Briefing Papers for Parliamentarians and others click for briefing papers

Briefing Paper ‘3’ (only achievable with the dedicated help of ALC members) has been especially successful in bringing home to people, the likely impact on children and parents of the proposals in the LASPO Bill. Peers have been especially appreciative of the papers.

In addition to work on the CAFCASS Operating Framework and LASPO, the Alliance has retained a watching brief on developments in the field of adoption, Ofsted Inspection of CAFCASS and the Pre Proceedings pilot involving CAFCASS and the welfare reform bill (e.g. with regard to proposals for the CSA and the impact on children and parents). It has worked with others on safeguarding issues for child victims of trafficking in the UK and supporting the work of ECPAT UK in urging Government to introduce a system of guardianship for such children. It is currently working on the Home Office Consultation Paper on definitions of Domestic Violence.

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